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Quests: LAist Hunts Down the Costliest Shirt in LA

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[Image via LAist]

LAist goes in search of the city's most expensive t-shirt, traveling a harrowing path though LA's priciest boutiques and department stores. A sample moment on the journey:

A trip to Dolce and Gabbana gives me the feeling that the City of Angel’s costliest t-shirt wasn’t going to be your typical cotton shirt. Their limited edition hand-painted t-shirt fetching $1,495 turns my thinking in that direction. Quick math tells me $1,495 will buy me five of their normally priced shirts. Normal price being $295. After seeing a $995 polo shirt my mind wonders if $295 is a bargain.
Well, that is how they get you. The eventual winner: A cashmere Giorgio Armani tee for a cool $1,850.
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