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Discontinued: West Third Street Loses Two More

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[Images via Blackburn & Sweetzer]

They're really starting to fall like dominoes on West Third Street, blogging haunt of Racked editor emeritus Tasha of Blackburn & Sweetzer. Last week, she reported on Scout's decision to move to Hollywood, and over the last two days she's picked up on two more closings. Gift shop Zipper, at 8316 West 3rd Street, has lost its lease after fifteen years in the neighborhood. The owners will continue to run their Sonoma store, and the online site will stay open, so it could be worse...right?

Then there's Pinkyotto, an East Coast–based mini-chain that opened at 7936 West 3rd Street this October. Apparently the owners have decided to bet on Boston, so they're packing up and moving everything back east again. Sad times.
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