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Rants: We All Mourn Circuit City in Our Own Way

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After months of slowly bleeding, Circuit City kicks the official bucket this Sunday, Jan. 18. The store announced its bankruptcy in November but until recently it had been trying to come up with some sort of eleventh-hour salvation plan. Today, though, the company finally acknowledged that it's done, prompting blogger Losanjealous to publish a heartfelt tribute that reads, in part:

Where the fuck do I go to pay $136 for a 6? HDMI cable now (no interest, 3 mos). Where the fuck do I go to pay $69 for an RCA cable. (Did You Know? “Old-school” Ludicroid-Marketing-Deprived RCA cables may be purchased at your nearest 99 cent store for, you guessed it, 99 cents) Who in the holy living fuck am I supposed to harass for a replacement fuse for this 37-year-old Harman Kardon? Etc.
Not done, bitches. Guess where I just blogged this post. CIRCUIT CITY, MOTHERFUCKERS. WHERE THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO BLOG NOW.
Goodbye, sweet City. You'll obviously be missed around these parts.
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