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Bit More News About that Sunset Blvd Target

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As downtowners clamor for their own Target, a bit of breaking news to share about planned Sunset Boulevard Target. You'll recall that last summer we had a look at some early renderings for the store, but actual data was harder to come by. Lo and behold, one of the project's early studies has just hit the city's web site. Per the documents, a bit more detail about the project, which'll be located at 5520 Sunset Boulevard: In addition to a 162,415 square foot Target store, there are plans for 6,600 square feet "of retail and food uses." Parkingwise, the ground floor would have 141 parking spaces, and the second level of the project would provide approximately 317 parking spaces, for a total of 458 parking spaces. Layout wise, here's your Target cake: Stores and parking on the first floor, parking on the second floor, and the Target on the third store. There's no immediate word about when this thing will be finished.
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