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Crime Blotter: OC Lamborghini Dealer Accused of Stealing $12 Million

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[Image via GFreeman23/Flickr]

Lamborghini Orange County had a suspiciously good 2008. Over one eight-day period, they sold 54 of the luxury cars, or 8% of the total Lamborghinis sold in the entire country last year. They achieved this feat by discounting the hell out of their merchandise, and they were able to discount so deeply, according to a new lawsuit, because they hadn't paid for any of the cars. "The lawsuit says VW Credit, which covered the cost of Lamborghini O.C.'s cars in advance of sale, doesn't know where the proceeds went," The OC Register reports. "But it didn't get the money." Meanwhile, East-West Bank has filed a separate lawsuit against the car dealership because they're missing another $3 million. Sure, unless you've been gallivanting around Orange County buying sports cars indiscriminately, this probably doesn't affect you directly, but who doesn't love a good OC scandal?
· VW accuses Lamborghini O.C. of $12 million theft [OC Register]