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Storecasting: American Apparel Moving on Robertson

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[Image via Blackburn & Sweetzer]

Remember Kitson's discount shop on 315 South Robertson, at the corner of West 3rd Street? According to Blackburn & Sweetzer, that space is becoming an American Apparel, the t-shirt chain having outgrown its current spot a few blocks up the street at 104 South Robertson. This isn't the first local American Apparel to shed its old skin and scuttle into a bigger shell: As Tasha points out, branches have moved on Melrose and in Little Tokyo.
· Shops—American Apparel Robertson Moving South [B&S]

American Apparel Robertson

315 S Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90048 310-385-9183 Visit Website

315 South Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA