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Happy Birthday, Buffalo Exchange

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The resale chain Buffalo Exchange turns 35 this weekend in a flurry of discounts, gift cards, freebies and '70s kitsch. Among the deals: Spend $50 at the La Brea store and you'll get a free bag; spend $75 and they'll throw in a t-shirt. In Westwood, $50 gets you both the bag and the t-shirt plus a $5 coupon. Fullerton sees Westwood one gift bag for $50 and raises them "karaoke, food, and 1974 trivia." But three local stores put the rest to shame: "The Long Beach branch is hosting a 1970s party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday featuring music, free gifts and a 'pin the tail on the buffalo' game. Costa Mesa's location is putting on a Mexican fiesta with a pinata. In Sherman Oaks, the entire staff will be dressed in 1970s styles offering food and, with purchases of at least $35, gift bags." [LAT]