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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 9 Teaser

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In the first preview (after the jump), we learn that there are some "special guests" involved in the challenge but we're not told who, although there's a reference to Christian, which could be Christian Siriano. So maybe the past Project Runway winners? We also find Kenley feeling very confident and Leanne feeling Kenley is overly confident to the point of being "beyond annoying."

It doesn't get really juicy until the second preview (above), where Tim is telling Jerell: "You'll either win or it's going to crash and burn," and "It's like you took a schoolmarm's old winter coat and tried to make it into a couture dress." Then in comes a note from Heidi, which we think reads "You're invited to showcase your zodiac designs for a select audience." Zodiac designs? We don't know what this is about. And next, comments from the judges: "She's pooping fabric" is a keeper from Michael, while Heidi looks horrified saying "Ewww, that's bad." But the tension escalates between Nina and Kenley: Nina tells Kenley, "It's like you did whatever you wanted to do, disregarding what the challenge was." Kenley protests...
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