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Street Scene Circa 1973: 'LA Flash' Revisited, '80s Style Prevail

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We couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out LACMA's 'LA Flash' exhibit this past Saturday, which took another look at street scenes taken in 1973 by photogs David Alexander, Lester Sloan, Annette Del Zoppo, Peter Kredenser, and Don Peterson. Projected on a number of screens in the courtyard, images ranged from fresh-faced flower child 20-somethings to dapper gents in loud suits, society ladies in color-blocked knits to plaid-panted moms with strollers.

On the ground, people were lined up around the building to get their pictures taken by Wireimage (it is LA) and photogs were aplenty taking attendees photos, which were then projected on a selection of screens. The retro style of the exhibit was emulated by the crowd, many taking their cues from the '70s and particularly the '80s—high-waisted pants, bright prints, preppy polos, and a brand of New Wave androgyny. Everyone was happy, happy, happy to get their photo taken, except for one young thing—cig and beer in hand—who was so over the whole thing she couldn't be bothered. But we took her picture anyway, she stood painfully bored, and definitely not a glimmer in her mother's eye in the '70s, and likely not the '80s either.
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