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Get Into the Grove: Selling McCain, Bleeding for Starbucks, Promos Galore (Star Wars and The Women), and Back-to-School at Victoria's Secret

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Given how much money The Grove developer Rick Caruso has given to the RNC over the years, it should be no surprise that the McCain campaign would be camped out at the mall. People with discretionary income shopping! Or those with zero discretionary income charging up a storm, who will vote against their interests because they hope to be rich one day soon! That's the sweet smell of potential recruits right there.

But past the McCain table, there were promos galore going on—Pottery Barn Kids had the strollers lined up with people dressed up in Star Wars get-ups, and on the grassy area where the stage is, women were waiting for free Amadeus spa manicures, Vitamin Water and Fresh products, all in the name of The Women coming to theaters September 12.

And for those who either really want some free Starbucks, or want to, you know, give back to society or something, there's a blood drive at the Farmers Market this Thursday and Friday from 10am-3:30pm. Go to the Blood-Mobile at the Clock Tower and get a certificate for a tall coffee or a Vivanno smoothie.

We couldn't help notice the back-to-school windows at Victoria's Secret, and the UCLA and USC gear piled up—part of the Collegiate Collection. Sales staff told us USC in particular is in high demand: "The collection is regional, so you'll only find USC and UCLA in local Victoria's Secret stores. UCLA came out first, so people have really been anticipating the USC stuff coming out." Wow, these kids today probably don't remember a time before Chip & Pepper college-themed apparel. [RackedWire]