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Dress Like Mary-Kate and Ash, Dressing Like Margot Tenenbaum

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How would Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dress if they were channeling Margot Tenenbaum? The answer's in the collection from the twins' upscale label The Row, currently available at Barneys. The 'Tennenbaum' coat (spelled with two 'N's, but the reference is more than clear) is pure Margot in lamb shearling with wide lapels, priced at $3,750. Pair it with The Row's lambskin motorcycle pant (you don't want to be too prim), so snug they look poured on but at least have an elastic waistband (basically, leather leggings), retailing for $1,700. PETA will love you as much as it loves M-K and Ash.
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