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Fashion and Art: FreshPressed Tees by LA Artists Tonight

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We mentioned newish DIY screenprinting shop FreshPressed on Hollywood Boulevard as part of a growing shopping area just east of Vermont Avenue. The shop is featuring five LA artists— Kime Buzzelli, Frohawk Two Feathers, Sean Cassidy, Andy Mueller and Rory Wilson—tonight from 7pm-10pm. You can snag one of the artist's presses, change it up, or make your own, and press it yourself. It's an interesting group: Buzzelli is an illustrator and owns Show Pony; Frohawk draws, paints, sculpts and put out a graphic novel; Cassidy draws influence from skateboarding, and has had shows at New Image Art and Junc Gallery; Mueller is the Art Director for Lakai Limited Footwear and has a T-shirt line, TheQuietLife; and Wilson is the Head Designer for Dangerbird Records. All of which will likely leave you with a pretty kick-ass T-shirt.
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