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Politics of Fashion: Cindy McCain's RNC Outfit Worth $300K!

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Well, holy bejeezus! After all the talk of Barack Obama as an elitist (with his unelectable thinness!), Cindy McCain takes the Republican National Convention stage in what Vanity Fair's fashion department estimates as a $299,100-$313,100 outfit! The breakdown is as follows, assuming the gems are real: Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000; Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500; Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000; Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000–$25,000; Shoes, designer unknown: $600.

Laura Bush's Oscar de la Renta suit ($2,500), Stuart Weitzman heels ($325), pearl stud earrings ($600-$1,200) is mere chump change at $3,425-$4,325 in comparison. VF's Politics & Power Blog quips: "No wonder McCain has so many houses: his wife has the price of a Scottsdale split-level hanging from her ears."
· Cindy McCain's $300,000 Outfit [Politics & Power]

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