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Discontinued (Soon): Little Aura and Luxehaus on Montana Avenue

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A jaunt over to Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and retail seems to be faring pretty well, though we did see two retailers set to close shop. Kids boutique Little Aura (its women's apparel outpost Aura just up the street) opened within the last year and has already posted a "for lease" sign in its window at 1123A Montana.

Also, design store Luxehaus at 1410 Montana, which has a sign posted reading: "please ask receptionist at Luxelab to let you into Luxehaus," referring to the hair salon next door. The store was dark when we walked by, and another boutique owner said they'd in fact looked at both spaces to possibly lease, recalling that the spacious shops went for about $10,000 a month. Yikes! Scary stuff, these retail rents. [RackedWire]