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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 4 Teaser, Shopping Lunatic

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Granted this was filmed before we were discussing bailouts, but it's still shocking to watch Rachel Zoe pick out three racks of vintage for herself to try on (and buy who knows how much of it) in 20 minutes. A vintage purple Chloe chiffon "when Karl Lagerfeld was designing" the label, a Valentino that weighs like "1,000 pounds" and costs $20,000—she gasps, not at the price, but at an old Givenchy! She says she's shopping "like a lunatic" and she is. Assistant Brad is egging her on, says he would encourage someone to make an insanely expensive purchase even if they haven't paid their rent. Of course, Zoe loves him. But we know Rodger, who brings her flowers later that night, will not be happy.

In the second teaser after the jump, Zoe tells Brad she's going to tell Rodger that these mad purchases were already in her closet. She specifically tells him not to tell Rodger, the "biggest cheerleader" of her career.
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