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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 12 Teaser, Tears for Fears

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The shit is hittin' the fan this week, the result—streaming tears down the faces of Korto and Kenley, Jerell near tears and Leanne looking very nervous. The pressure's on with the final four, knowing as Heidi puts it "only three will earn the right to compete at New York Fashion Week to become the winner of Project Runway."

No clue as to the challenge, but Kenley, who acknowledges she has an attitude, but also thinks people hate her because she's a go-getter, has "moved onto drafting paper." The feedback from the judges is not promising: "It looks like a beauty pageant"; "It looks like a reptile." And when Heidi tells Kenley she doesn't think "it looks very elegant," Kenley snaps back, very condescendingly: "I wasn't going for elegant, Heidi." And then she's really crying saying: "I feel like I'm fighting my way through life!" No one cares. We don't care. After the jump, see the other teaser in which everyone is thoroughly sick of Kenley and she makes us more sick of her.
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