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Whitley Kros' Beck-ening Soundtrack, Potential Men's Collection

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LA label Whitley Kros—designed by Marissa Ribisi and Sophia Coloma—is only two seasons in since launching, and already has a stellar online presence. This is thanks to a relaunching of its site, which has amped up the whole browsing experience with ecommerce and, as W notes, "quirky features like a scrapbook of travel photos taken by the designers' fictional muse." The galleries of pics from across the globe are particularly fun because you can identify inspiration that went into the collections. The visuals are entertaining, but made better by "a seamlessly edited mix of French pop, Spoon, Brian Eno and Stereolab," put together by Ribisi's husband, Beck. He worked in the studio for three days, creating three different mixes for Ribisi to choose from, and may even be aiding her in design in the future: "According to the designer, he's hoping to help out on a future Whitley Kros menswear collection."
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