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Rackage: Alberta Ferretti's Melrose Boutique —Futuristic, Feminine, Alien

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We really had to go for a closer inspection of the new Alberta Ferretti boutique on Melrose. What was this "unique display system of magnetic, transparent fiberglass hangers and shelves" we read about anyway? We found Ferretti's feminine frocks—tiers, lace, tulle, intricate beading and gorgeous drape—and killer patent, laced, two-tone heals and booties housed in what could be the most luxurious dry cleaners in some future existence. The circular steel racks, the molded hangers which suspend from swan-shaped hooks, the stilted one-leg mannequins like the end of thermometers, and the truly alien looking magnetic displays connected to waves of stainless steel walls all contribute to the experience. The juxtaposition is almost jarring and, effectively, demands attention. We checked out the roomy parking lot too, which no doubt will also beckon with convenience.
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