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Launches & Releases: Juicy Couture Debuts Juicier Site

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Juicy Couture has just launched a splashy new site with all the fixins—interactive community Club Couture, Love G&P blog, and, of course, online shopping to break the bank, especially with high-end collection Couture Couture with dresses and outerwear which run in the four figures. Clearly, people love themselves some Juicy—we're guessing particularly a tween/teen set. On the first 'Welcome' blog post alone, there are 52 posts gushing over love for "everything Juicy," that owners Pam and Gela are "heroes" and sooooo!! many!!! exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

And it all started with track suits that wouldn't die, which, lightning speed, exploded into a mega brand of the most girly-girlishness of all girldom. Just to give some perspective, PR Newswire notes that WWD recognized Juicy "as the fourth most searched-for fashion brand online, (properly sandwiched between Louis Vuitton and Chanel)." Crazy.
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