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Party (S)hopping: Mayer Collection Debuts at Presse Boutique

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We fell in love last night with Mayer—a debut six-style range of light-as-air dresses and blouses inspired by vintage caftans, now available at Presse Boutique. The collection's lovely designer, Jenny Galluzzo, a 5'10" blonde with pretty cropped hair and generous smile, also wooed us. When we mentioned how truly airy the pieces felt, she told us even the lining is incredibly lightweight: "I want it to feel like you're wearing nothing. I want women to feel pretty, glamorous and sexy when wearing it."

Galluzzo's original prints are particularly well executed, comprised of soft pink and rose, milky blue, lavender and rich purples. Subtle tailoring at the bust makes sure each piece has a flattering shape, and we were impressed at the number of different body types that looked good in the collection. She's made a number of belts with chain hardware which add dimension as well.

For fall, she'll expand the line with more tops and dresses, plus skirts and knitwear. Tops retail from $310-$330, dresses $410-$450 (save one long dress which runs $550), and the belts around $150-$250. Shoppers who came out for the event definitely scored as Galluzzo was offering wholesale prices for the night; and toward the end of the evening when we bid adieu, everyone had made a purchase.
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