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Seam and Heard: Hushi Mortezaie, Designer of Trash & Luxury

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Really, another T-shirt? The answer is yes. Oh yes! Leave it to a New York transplant to show us Angelinos how to make T-shirts the right way. Hushi Mortezaie (a former buyer and stylist for Patricia Field’s store in NYC) with his muse and partner in crime Marissa (a southern belle with an edge imported from Atlanta) design T-shirts for their label Trash & Luxury that are for our wardrobe what Jean Paul Gaultier is for the haute couture: a breath of fresh air with plenty of juiciness and fun. Retro? Check. Disco? Check. Hollywood? Check. And last but not least, soooo soft to the touch.

What inspired your latest collection?
I have a story I always think about for inspiration: there is a woman who is very glamorous, she comes out of a discotheque in Paris to get on her jet to fly to Africa to dig a well there in her stilettos; from there, she goes to Tehran to protest against the war in Middle East, just to leave for Dubai to shop for gold, stopover in Asia to dine, to then get to Malibu to meditate with her life coach.

Who’s the quintessential Trash & Luxury woman?
Very glamorous, witty, very ahead, but socially conscious woman who wants to give back. She’s also a little eccentric, but not so much that others don’t want to follow her trend.

Who’s your favorite LA designer?
Jasmin Shokrian; Kathy Azarmi of Kaviar and Kind.

Who’s your favorite designer overall?
YSL, Thierry Mugler, Martin Margiela.

What are the advantages of working in LA over working in NYC?
Not to have to deal with public transportation (I take my Prius any day over dealing with cabs and subways in NYC). Also, I Iove the palm trees in the glistening sun.

What’s your go-to shopping spot in LA?
Opening Ceremony, Mameg on little Santa Monica Boulevard (back of Martin Margiela store).

What’s the season’s must-have item?
From Trash & Luxury, it’s our “We are one” T-shirt. I am Iranian and come from a Middle Eastern background. It’s very important in this country and in the current events that we realize it doesn’t matter if we’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist, we are all one. Also the Stardust 92 “I am a Camera” baseball dolman; it’s about the paparazzi glitz culture with a bit of disco thrown in.

Overall, it’s shine and anything that reminds of late disco for fall. For spring, it’s ethnic prints and brights, a shorter silhouette is taking over, also for tops.

The season’s-not-under-any-circumstances – don’t care if you’re Rihanna or Gwyneth Paltrow – have item?
Rules; rhinestoned vintage tattoo tees; Ugg boots.

Trash & Luxury is available at Revolve Clothing. Photos by Christina von Messling. Makeup and hair by Heather Ford