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Malled: Little Tokyo Mall Makeover

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Renderings via Dezeen via Angelenic

The Little Tokyo Shopping Center at 3rd and Alameda Downtown is getting ready for some sort of makeover. Angelenic reports there has already been one set of renderings by SLAB Architecture, and the latest emerge from ZellnerPlus Architecture above.

The blog compares it to the design going on at Santa Monica Place with its open-air plan: "Triangular aluminum paneling, which brings to mind BP’s Helios 'green gas station' on the Westside, would cover the facade and walls, with new pavers throughout. Bridges would help increase connectivity to the existing parking garage. But the most striking aspect of the redesign are the new windows and a large, open corner entryway that would connect the mall to the street in an attempt to be more inviting to the neighborhood."

Other plans include swapping out Mitsuwa Market for H Mart, a Korean grocer, along with the addition of a day spa and an electronics store.
· little tokyo shopping center plan comes into focus [Angelenic]