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Uber Goes Under: Rose Apodaca Says "Toodles"

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Always on the fashion landscape, writer/A+R shop owner Rose Apodaca has bid farewell to her LA Vie en Rose blog—not because she always has a million projects going on at once (she does, trust us), but because blogging/photo/video platform Uber lost its funding: "Earlier this week, distressed investors backed out of a third round of funding and the board voted to shut down Uber. I am sad. Sad for the extraordinary bunch behind Uber, who were among the most passionate, brilliant and genuinely nicest folks I’ve had the good fortune of knowing." Though, Apodaca will no doubt pop up online again: "This is not the first incarnation of La Vie en Rose (a page that first appeared in the OC Weekly a dozen years ago!), and it will not be its last." [La Vie en Rose]