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Storecasting: Pinkyotto on West 3rd Street

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And as one closes, another gets ready to open. Feminine, affordable women's label/boutique Pinkyotto has just stuck a poster baring its name at 7936 West 3rd Street, one space east of Built by Wendy. We're starting to get pretty skeptical about boutiques opening up on West 3rd Street these days, but this one might just stick with its flirty, dress-heavy collection, which may play very well in LA, especially at Pinkyotto's cost-conscious prices. A quick look at its site, and we could only find a handful of dresses over $200, with blouses running $68-$148, dresses $108-$228, a skirt for $128 and a clutch for $120.

Given the economic climate, a few boutique owners on West 3rd told Racked that dresses for $100-$200 fly out the door, while a $400-$500 dress may sit on the rack for months. At the very least, Pinkyotto is hitting this spending sweet spot. This is the brand's fourth shop after Brooklyn and two in Manhattan. [RackedWire]