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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 3, NY Fash Week Front Row Fantasy

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This week Zoe bopped from show to show—Donna Karan, Erin Fetherston, J. Mendel, Michael Kors—at NY Fashion Week, met with designers for which she hopes to pull dresses for clients Debra Messing, Joy Bryant, Demi Moore, etc., and misses the one dinner she had planned with her husband Rodger. He's exasperated but used to it (we find out she postponed their marriage at 24), and dotes on her and seems to love her very much. (We felt kind of sad for him when some friends/acquaintances/whatever are chiding him, saying "You don't have a badge that says Rachel Zoe's husband?") He's also the one to comforts her when she gets some bad press from The Cut and starts crying through her makeup. She eventually goes and talks to Marc Jacobs about it, whom she refers to as "one of my closest friends."

There's no doubt she has reason to feel beaten down, but you're just going to raise eyebrows when you're that thin (we caught a glimpse of her spine in this episode), your life/work/reason for living is so completely about extravagance and consumption of things (especially right now), and you've chosen—want desperately—to be in the limelight.

But really what we learned this episode: 1) Zoe brings 40 pairs of shoes to NY Fash Week, uses maybe 10; 2) she takes her Starbucks "double bagged, drop of half-and-half, three Splenda"—so that's very, very sweet tea she sips incessantly from vente cups?; 3) she's planning on writing another book; 4) says she has a photographic memory, which actually would be really helpful it you were a stylist; and 5) "being in the front row" is a "big part of the dream" for her. We were actually kind of shocked that she took half-and-half in anything, even a bitsy drop—although we still haven't seen her consume any other calories.
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