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Designer Collabs: Urban Outfitters' Mega Release—Grey Antics, S Loves C, Bee 23, and the Latest Hawks by Geren Ford

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The number of designer collabs Urban Outfitters has been churning out is getting difficult to keep up with, this week alone releasing Grey Antics by LA label Grey Ant, S Loves C by Spring & Clifton, jewelry and accessories from Bee 23 by Bing Bang, and more from Hawks by Geren Ford by LA designer Geren Lockhart.

We're excited about Grey Antics high-waisted jeans for $118, since Grey Ant denim runs two-times plus that amount. Other highlights include S Loves C's zipper raglan sweater ($78), the Bee 23 pink-and-red suede chain bag ($58), and Hawks' saturated plum dress with precisely-pleated sleeves ($118).

Oh, and there will be more collabs coming—we hear from The Pipeline that Obesity and Speed is on the way. [RackedWire]