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Gardena Proposes Saggy Pants Ban, Links it to Racial Profiling

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Gardena city councilman Steve Bradford introduced an ordinance to ban wearing saggy pants and allowing police officers to ticket offenders. The Daily Breeze reports Bradford argues it will reduce racial profiling: "The average young African-American or Latino who is stopped usually is profiled based on what they're wearing and how they're wearing it...We can circumvent that by asking for folks to please wear their pants at a respectable level. I think it goes a long way in eliminating police contact and eliminating biases by the general public."

Hear that African-American and Latino males? All you gotta do is pull up your pants and the racial profiling will stop! Because racial profiling didn't exist before saggy pants. Thanks for clearing that up, Steve!

Thankfully, Mayor Paul Tanaka underscores there's an issue of basic rights "afforded to all Americans" here: "You're not talking about school, work, church, places where there are expectations that are enforceable. We're talking about telling people walking down a street how they can dress."
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