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Trader Joe's Aims to Curb Solicitation

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It's not unusual to go to Trader Joe's and see someone standing in proximity of the storefront, often on the sidewalk, clipboard in hand, asking shoppers to sign petitions to improve schools, the environment, etc., etc. We came upon this "Your Right to Distraction-Free Shopping" sign last night, addressing the issue:

"Out of respect to our customers, Trader Joe's does not permit any solicitation at or near the front of our stores, regardless of the issue. Please feel free to ignore anyone with a clipboard or folding table, without feeling any guilt whatsoever. Thank you!"

Whether this was prompted by complaints or TJ's itself, we don't know but there weren't any solicitors in sight, though it was a holiday, and whatever cause du jour could've been resting its feet. [RackedWire]