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Now Open: Kenneth Wingard on West 3rd Street

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West 3rd Street has suffered some recent retail causualties, but new shops keep coming. The newest on the street is lifestyle shop Kenneth Wingard, which has a three-year-old store on Market Street in San Francisco and has been wholesaling for a dozen years. Director of Retail David Wilhoit told Racked the SF store "has a clubby feel" and "caters more to men"; the West 3rd Street boutique is brighter and airier at 1,200 square feet with fresh gray-blue paint and a pop of yellow on the back wall.

In terms of merch, you'll find a range of casual apparel and accessories and home furnishings. "About 35% of our merchandise is Kenneth Wingard," Wilhoit told us. "Other vendors fill the rest." Though there are bigger-ticket items (more furniture will be coming), the retailer makes an effort to keep apparel and giftables reasonable—around $42-$60 and $12-$72, respectively. The shop is also mindful of not overlapping product with area stores OK and Zipper, which doesn't seem to be a problem with KW's modern contemporary aesthetic.
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