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Catherine Malandrino on Maison Malandrino

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Celebrating ten years with a book by Assouline, the reissue of the Easy Rider-inspired flag dress that launched her career, and skydiving (after her spring '09 show), Catherine Malandrino talks about new retail concept Maison Malandrino opening on La Cienega. To WWD: "Los Angeles is more like a home I am building. It’s a place where people are going to meet, with a cafe for people to hang out and taste food. Inside, it will be very warm, with unique furniture designed by Christophe Pillet. It will bring the full experience of a customer and open us to all the different extensions that could be a lifestyle." And look out for even more Malandrino: "Now that we have built this first 10-year platform, I am looking to licensing to develop the shoes, bags, eyewear and cosmetics. We are in discussions with partners worldwide to open franchises." [WWD, subscription req]