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Discontinued (Until 2009): West Hollywood Pavilions Half-Demoed

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After a massive, crazy half-off the entire store sale, Pavilions at 8969 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood closed, and is already half demoed we see thanks to this image from a tipster. It looks like it will be reopening in summer 2009, per the sign.

A shopper on Yelp writes an account of the sale mayhem of the last day: "Huge close out sale right now. I went earlier today and they still have household products, frozen goods, and canned goods. My total was around 50% off. Parking right now blows and check out line is long (except the express lane). But in all the chaos.. the service was still great." In fact, if you go by the Yelp reviews, it sounds like this store had the nicest staff that every existed on the face of the earth. We're sure people can't wait until it reopens—hopefully with an equally sweet-as-pie staff. [RackedWire]