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Oohlala, Cocktail Wax to Sexify Ripping Hair from Privates

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Coming soon to 333 North La Cienega Boulevard is Cocktail Wax, which aims to make the horror of ripping hair from your nether regions "unwinding, pleasing, like a cocktail party with the girls," according to French-bred owner Christina Amrani pictured alluringly left. And how will this be done? French chocolate! Kind of:

"We use a selection of imported French waxes that are fragrant, flirty and delicious...Our key ingredient however is chocolate...luscious Chocolate flavored wax is enhanced with all the regenerating power of cocoa butter and enriched with soft almond powder, which promises to leave your skin ultra hydrated for days...we use an after wax chocolate scented ice tonic which creates a lasting feeling of freshness and comfort. Our other wax flavors include Kiwi, Red Berries, Banana, Cucumber and more?"

Prices range from a $10 lip wax to a $100 full leg and Brazilian. We're not sure what a half-derrière means but it costs $20 versus the full which is $40. There are just as many treatments for men as women on the menu—from $15 center of brow (you unis know who you are) and neck wax (eww) to full back at $90. Basically, any wax situation that promises less pain, you try, because, what if it works?! Though we don't believe it will ever feel as good as a glass of wine at Lou or AOC. [RackedWire]