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Steve & Barry's Liquidating Everything But Kitchen Sink

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The break room refrigerator is up for grabs however. JG Resources, hired by Steve & Barry's to liquidate its store innards, is making every effort to put a positive spin on recent store closings. From the release: "Don't think that the closing of 49 STEVE & BARRY'S(R) stores in 22 states is bad news for retailers. Instead, it will have a positive effect on the local retail... we know that selling this equipment to other business owners at a FRACTION of the cost of new will help fuel the local economy's growth. It could also help retailers create NEW jobs by cutting costs from their bottom line." Wow! And don't worry about S&B's it says, cheerily: "it's business as usual at all other STEVE & BARRY'S(R) stores." Only Cali store on the list in at Santa Maria Town Center. [PR Newswire]