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Soaked in Yolk at Fornarina (and Shattered Glass) at Miss Sixty

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Miss Sixty and Fornarina, two of the larger retail spaces located in the Melrose Heights area, were victims of a drive by ? egging? It happened sometime Sunday night and a Miss Sixty sales rep told Racked she saw similar white splatters across storefronts spreading all the way down to Johnny Rockets at Melrose and Gardner. A half-mile of egging? Who has the time? It’s not even Halloween yet!

Retailers suspect it was just some kids having fun, Fairfax High being dead center of the half-mile strip. But a little night of mayhem can cause shopkeepers some major dough. The eggs, if left on the windows too long and improperly cleaned, can eat away at the graffiti film many retailers use to protect their storefronts from little punks like those Phantom Eggers. The other big news: Miss Sixty already has some heavy damage to their front window from a drunk driver over the weekend, so we’re guessing they don’t find this little prank to be all that funny.
—Keri Pina