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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 2, Witches and Heroes

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This week Zoe had to dress Debra Messing for the SAG Awards—the drama ensuing when Zoe's studio floods. Taylor takes off and leaves the mess to Brad, and he falls short of cleaning it up. Dresses are wet. They need more dresses! Blah, blah, blah. But really, quotes and vocab from the reed-thin (or what's thinner than a reed?) stylist's mouth are the most entertaining, revealing, and at times (check first quote) ironic. A selection below:

When she takes her friend to try on wedding gowns at Marchesa:
"It's [Marchesa] not about the crack skinny girl."

When pulling jewelry at Antiquarius:
"I could just die. Just throw me in my coffin with those earrings on!"

The next day in the kitchen with Brad:
"Isn't it amazing that I slept for three hours and I'm totally wired up."

Zoe explains to husband Rodger—who's kind of laughing at her—that the "hero dresses" are the dresses she thinks will be the ultimate look for a client (NOTE: Zoe's "witch vibe" seems to mean the same thing):
"You know I hate it when you trivialize what I do."

The day of the SAG Awards:
"I feel like someone punched me in the face, then woke me up."

We did learn that Zoe pulls 40-100 dresses for a client for an event like the SAG Awards, which is mildly interesting. We're more intrigued by Zoe's death-laden, violent, Hobgoblin speak. Seriously, it's disturbing.
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