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Wam, Bam, Thank You, Man: Shop Online for Sperm (Overnight Delivery)

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No-muss, no-fuss. We love the fact that online shopping has gotten so convenient—return delivery package, sticker and postage included—but this is next level: Westwood-based California Cryobank, which has been around since 1977, is now "the first fully accredited nationwide sperm bank to offer 100% online ordering, storage, and direct shipping," per the release. It's relaunched its site and now offers a host of features to determine and purchase your perfect vial of goodies, including the following:

"purchasing of detailed donor information, vials, and storage, the ability to schedule direct shipment of vials, saved search functions and personal donor rankings, vial release e-mail alerts for saved donors, email alerts for new donors matching one’s saved criteria, real-time inventory updates, and updated personal contact information."

Create an account and you have access to donor profiles, donor essays, and staff impressions—that's gratis. Cryobank has also somehow managed to lower its FedEx shipping fees, despite crazy prices due to fuel charges. It all sounds extremely convenient, almost absurdly so for such a life-changing (if all goes well) purchase. But, you can always do it the old fashioned way—in person. [RackedWire]