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Party (S)hopping: New High (M)Art's 'Cosmic Collision'

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Have you ever wondered what to wear for the apocalypse? The ever-evolving New High (M)art in Chinatown took inspiration from the controversial start-up of the Large Hadron Collider/impending end of the world and launched an eight-week installment titled “Cosmic Collision—Intelligent Design for the Second Big Bang.”

The opening reception on Wednesday night had a spacey feel with futuristically dressed guests bopping to poppy techno spun by Posso the DJ under light installations by Ryan Paul Granich. After grabbing some Tang and vodka from the spouted Gatorade cooler (it's all they were serving), we teleported to the front of the line to explore the tiny retail space. Shopkeepers had strung rigid, plastic equilateral triangles on the windows and ceiling, which were “inspired by Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, as well as future housing environments” said NH(M) owner T-Rik. He also pointed out the Shuffle-sized digital lookbooks hanging from different fixtures around the shop, each uploaded with photos of the merch so customers can pause and fast-forward through the different looks. “It’s a great example of using emerging technology with merchandising” he said, and we agree.

The shelves were exploding with accessories like Lego earrings, Robot helmet necklaces, as well as George Jetson-inspired sunglasses and watches. We were stoked to see clothing designed by legging gods Shawn and Shaun of Costume Dept. Shawn told Racked “It's our first capsule collection, it’s a preview of what’s to come.” They’re expanding from just adorable affordable leggings to clothing and handbags and promised to keep us posted on launch dates.

If you missed the party you can check out the installation until November 5th, or until we’re sucked up by that black hole. Whichever happens first.
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