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Now and Then: Style Endurance, Village People on 'Walk of Fame'

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Photo left via Canoe News

Impressively, the Village People look like they're all in pretty good shape, having been on the music scene in the '70s (drug access aplenty, no doubt) and accounting for 30-plus years to fill out those body-hugging, body-baring outfits (though today's gear was noticeably more forgiving). The group got its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, and fans showed their love in numbers—some 250 strong, and "dressed in everything from leather vests to police and cowboy hats," per the LAT. "YMCA" accompanied the event, but there was no performance, though attendees didn't seem to mind. Liz St. Claire a 50-year-old casting director told the paper: "This was lovely...It was really to the point and poignant. The camaraderie is genuine."
· The Village People get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame [LAT]