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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 9

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The Challenge: This week was an extravaganza of past seasons' designers, from the challenge (contestants were paired up with ousted designers from this season to create a Zodiac sign-inspired avant-garde look) to the judges (Daniel Vosovic and Kara Janx from season 2; season one winner Jay McCarroll; Alison Kelly from season 2; Robert Plotkin from season 1; Carmen Webber from season 4; and last season's pint-size winner Christian Siriano) who picked the winner, but were not on the panel with Nina, Michael and Heidi, but instead cast their votes at a party. The panel's guest judge this week was Calvin Klein women's designer Francisco Costa. Tim tells all there is no immunity from now on, and Heidi sends via messengered note news that there will be two designers ousted this week. They get $250 and 30 minutes to shop for fabric.

Cattiness heated up this week between Kenley and Leanne over Kenley's "over confidence" and Leanne's eye rolling with teammate for the week Emily. Leanne to Emily: "She never shuts up." Kenley to teammate Wesley: "I hate it when people talk shit right in front of me." Meanwhile, Terri and Keith are a match made in hell. Keith says he's "fragile" having just been booted. Terri doesn't want his help. Keith eventually goes to sleep on the couch: "I'm not going to stand here looking like a fool because she's an angry, bitter person." A little teapot calling kettle here.

The Winner: Jerell with his Sagittarius-inspired long mermaid hounds tooth skirt with shimmery top and textural jacket he made with Jennifer. Tim told him earlier that his look would either "win" or "crash and burn," but Daniel Vosovic was impressed: "You got six different trims on one jacket...It's very subtle." Heidi, Michael, Nina and Francisco said they agreed with the decision.

The Losers: Blayne, working with Stella, lost with his Libra-inspired nude onesie and leggings with bondage type black straps and circus-like poufs of blue and pink coming out one side. From Michael: "She's pooping fabric." Heidi doesn't think it looks "pretty" and Nina says it's "haphazard." From Francisco: "I don't find it affective; it's not bring me forward, it's costume-y." Also out was Terri with her very literal Leo-inspired corseted dress with fur fringe down the front and billowy red and pink sleeves cascading down the sides. After reprimanding Terri and Keith for not working together, Michael's take on the look: "This looks like a voodoo princess from hell...The taste flew out the window."

Kenley's Aquarius look was in the bottom tier this week with exaggerated purple plaid pouf-sleeves, black bodice and floral tulled skirt. Nina seemed immediately annoyed: "What puzzles me is that it doesn't have anything to do with the Zodiac. It feels like you did what you wanted to do, disregarding what the challenge was." Michael says there's nothing new: "Dolce & Gabbana on the bottom and then Viktor & Rolf going on on the the top." Kenley says she doesn't look at the collections. Nina looks at her with increased disgust. Now Kenley sounds like a whiny child: "This is avant-garde."

Also on the bottom this week was Suede's silky blue harem pants and sheer, flowy blouse with cape-like back, inspired by Libra and made with Jerry. The judges are bored by it: "It's bordering on the expected," Nina says. Francisco thinks it's "tacky" and Michael can't take Suede's use of the third person: "He's talking about himself like a grand couturier. You're really not ready for this third person lingo."
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