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What the Polls Say: Michelle vs Cindy

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WWD conducted a poll through E-Poll Market Research, which "questioned 1,100 respondents on their perceptions of the style of first ladies dating to the Kennedy administration," as well as awareness, appeal, and influence. For all the frenzied excitement over Michelle Obama's style, she actually placed third behind Jackie O. (#1, not surprisingly) and, notably, Cindy McCain (#2). And while Hillary was last (#10) on the style and appeal meter, she scored #1 on awareness and #2 (to Jackie O.'s #1) on influence. Michelle scored #5 on awareness and appeal, and #7 on influence, while Cindy scored #8 on awareness, #9 on appeal, and #10 on influence. At least for this poll, Michelle tops Cindy overall. Clearly, women 'having it all' is still quite a challenge. [WWD, subscription req]