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Shiny, Seismically-Sound Historic Macy's to Reopen November 22 in Pasadena

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Macy's before closing in April

The historic Macy's at 401 South Lake Avenue in Pasadena is set to reopen November 22 after closing in April for seismic upgrades and a remodeling of the interior. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that there were no lay-offs during the process, rather 300 employees were temporarily assigned to other store locations. The 240,00-square-foot space is maintaining its size, but some stock space will be transformed into retail space:

"Two fireplaces that had been paneled over—one in the men's department and the other in women's apparel—will be restored. On the middle level, recaptured stock space is being converted to selling space, in a revamp that will recall the original design of the Fur Salon, with a window to the exterior and an alcove for dressing rooms. The shoe salon is also moving to the lower level where it will double in size, the company said."

Macy's VP and Manager of the Pasadena store Del Hernandez told the paper: "This renovation has allowed Macy's to recapture some of the charming aspects of retailing from years gone by, while still offering the customer a thoroughly modern shopping environment," one that includes more evenly dispersed earthquake vibrations, along with the original 1947 wood trim and portions of floor tiling.
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