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Party (S)hopping: MUXO Bags Launch at Kitson

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Hundreds of paparazzi blocked Robertson Boulevard last night on (wait?) the east side of the street. While we may be used to celebrity vultures crowding The Ivy and original Kitson across the way, newer outpost Kitson Studio actually pulled focus last night, as Camila Alves (A.K.A. Matthew McConaughey's baby mama) officially launched her bag line MUXO.

Alves and McConaughey showed up with baby Levi in tow to find the courtyard's trees strung with white floral streamers and globe-shaped lanterns. Guests sipped kumquat and lemon grass Dry Soda, white wine, beer or vodka with antioxidant mixers, lounged on white couches outdoors and perused the bag selection inside the shop.

Kitson Studio was a fitting place for the Brazilian model come bag designer to celebrate this occasion, as owner Fraser Ross placed the largest order in town. But his faith in the line is not haphazard. "Our first small collection--about $10,000 or so--already sold out in the last two weeks. We bought $40,000 worth of merchandise and we're hoping to do $100,000 at retail this month," he drops nonchalantly.

But it's not just numbers that make Alves a desirable designer for Ross. "Camila is passionate and she wants to learn and know everything about the industry," he continues. "She's launching this about three weeks after having a baby. That's pretty impressive." Ross sees Halle Berry as the ideal client for what he describes as "bohohemian chic" bags.

Though MUXO pieces are pricey and their fringe definitely caters to a specific audience, history shows that Ross is often on the money (literally). Of course, celebrity status never hurt either. [Racked Wire]