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Launches & Releases: Seafolly Swimwear

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When it comes to partying, surfing and swimwear, Aussies know what's up. So, we're always grateful when a beloved bathing suit line from Down Under becomes available here. Seafolly is one such newly imported brand already worn (now at Anthropologie) by US Weekly crew members like Ashlee Simpson, Mischa Barton and Lauren Conrad.

Most fabulous though is that the fact that these suits are designed to be mixed and matched by both size, style and color (sort of à la Malia Mills--who BTW just introduced a new trendsetting high-waisted bottom that's pretty damn cool, if pull-off-able).

From Seafolly, Matt (block color) and Fashion (patterned) Separates are extremely body conscious, as demonstrated below:

So, for instance, singlet tops slim down fuller curves, while petite ladies can add shape around the hips with ruched boy bottoms. Even their strapless numbers have invisible wires for support. So, we all look good, which, on the beach, can be a rare thing. [Racked Wire]