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Launches & Releases: Lockheart's New Collection

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Cameron, Becca, Wendy

That, ahem, other coast may still look down their noses at our burgeoning fashion scene, but no one can argue that LA's accessory world isn't trendsetting. And if you like Italian leather, local designers and killer bags, then you'll love these standout satchels from still relatively nascent local line Lockheart's new fall collection, trickling into stores this week.

Our favorites: Becca Satchel in brown or grey with pockets galore (available today at accessories heaven Siany), woven Wendy Satchel in red, black or yummy grey (available today at Nordstrom) and, perhaps our most beloved, Croc Cameron Satchel in (emerald!) green, cognac or black (available this September).

These veteran Cali designers take their meticulous craft seriously with beautiful results in vibrant colors. Yup, even--no, especially--in LA. [Racked Wire]