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Just Hillin': From Audrina's Blog to LC's Line (But, Thankfully, Nothing About Heidi)

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Here we are again, just trying to get up that great big Hills of hope (sorry, but is there really anything interesting left to say in a lede about this motley crew?): First of all, Defamer reports that Audrina has started her own blog and they poke fun at the creepy ass posts. Audrina is totally writing the whole blog herself BTW. No. She's not. Maybe her boobs are?

And speaking of Audrina's bod, W Mag is yawning over the constant barrage of pics of the blogger in a bikini and Lo in scarves galore. According to the LAT, Lauren Conrad's neighbors are also sick of The Hills cast, complaining that the constant filming is affecting their quality of life. But producers and city officials says that, "The neighborhood unrest is overblown -- and has been fanned in part by a resident of the street who produces a competing TV reality show." Maybe they should do a reality show about reality show producer battles?

But otherwise LC is having a good week, which we suppose could thrill you or piss you off or put you into a boredom-induced coma, depending on which character you root for most fervently. Or if you root for any of them at all. Fab Sugar notes that LC's new sexed-up La Vie en Rose line has launched. Still lots of simple jersey pieces (some pieces pictured here), but maybe a little lower cut? People keep calling her boring, but what do they expect? She's a sheltered Orange County girl, not some downtown NYC or Echo Park artist or quirky misfit visionary who will change the face of fashion. At least the clothing isn't terribly cheesy.

Fashionista says LC (and reality TV) will have the last laugh anyway, as she'll not only be an Emmy presenter, but all the spokesmodels on stage will be rocking her designs.

The new Lauren Conrad collection will actually debut publicly at Bloomies' "Girl's Night Out" in Century City this Thursday evening from 5pm-7pm. Free scarves with full-price purchases. There go those scarves again. Maybe the give away was Lo's idea.
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