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Now Open: Johnny Cupcakes on Melrose

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Like a modern day Willy Wonka, opening his delectable chocolate factory, John Earle (A.K.A. Johnny Cupcake) unveiled his new bakery-inspired Melrose boutique this weekend. The novelty t-shirt shop, decorated with giant globs of (pretend, duh) frosting, drew an even larger crowd than nearby A Bathing Ape. Starting Tuesday, shoppers camped out in a line (beginning at Melrose and stretching to Waring Avenue) of iPhone-ic proportions. "Mr. Cupcake" himself kept the expectant fans entertained, periodically telling jokes and performing magic tricks until Saturday’s grand opening.

Just minutes before the big launch, Johnny prepped his staff and waxed poetic about the brand's history. Though formidable heavies like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters are rumored to be in hot pursuit, the cupcake dude swears he will never sell the company. “Its priceless to have diehard fans like this,” he enthused, bolstered by the crowd's increasingly audible excitement. But John Earle's loudest statement of appreciation is his relatively modest price point. And we suspect that kids who are willing to get tattoos of Johnny Cupcakes logos (we counted a few in the crowd!) are probably willing to shell out more than forty bucks for a quirky graphic tee.

At 3pm, a signature pick-up truck rolled up with a giant wooden crate in tow. When staffers chiseled it open, out popped Johnny Cupcake! Sweet.

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