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Malled: Let Them Eat Cheesecake

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Since record (well, CD) stores are a dying breed, we guess it should be no surprise that there are whispers about a Cheesecake Factory opening in the Virgin Megastore's digs at 8000 Sunset by Laemmle's Sunset 5. Says one tipster, "My friend has a friend whose mom paints ceiling murals for The Cheesecake Factory and says the company has already contacted her about painting later this year at 8000 Sunset in the location of the old Virgin Megastore. Several other sources have indicated Cheesecake Factory corporate personnel visiting the site."

Apparently people don't purchase CDs, but they do buy gigantic slices of chocolate Oreo cheesecake with 1050 calories and 71 grams of fat. Go figure. [RackedWire; previously]