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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway's Episode 7 Cast-Off Talks

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Project Runway's latest casualty was not impressed with the fit of many of the other designers' looks—made from raw materials from a Saturn hybrid—or the fact that you could recognize car parts and pieces. The lowdown after the jump.

Keith lost it this week with an uninspired blouse and skirt combo, which resulted in tension between him and the judges. Michael Kors commented to the other judges while they were making their final decisions: "How insane for a designer, when something doesn’t work, to say 'The model and the critic ruined my garment'?

Though Keith acknowledges that his look was "uninspired," he told Stylehive: "I was disappointed that the judges didn't call out more of those where it was like this was obviously made from a car...there were certain ones where it's like how can you call me off and say that mine doesn't look cohesive when you have other ones where it's like did you make that in the dark? Because that fits so poorly!"

But he would do things differently: "Honestly, if I could dig a little bit deeper inside myself and stay inspired, because at that point, I was no longer inspired to do the show. And there are a dozen things that I've thought of that I would do differently. I would create an innovative, intricate piece. I mean that's what I do, I'm a conceptual designer..."

Now, he's back focusing on his collection Filthy Gorgeous, which includes custom denim and cocktail dresss: "I plan on being in Bryant Park very soon, I'm looking for investors...I actually have a really big show I'm trying to line up in Salt Lake City as well. "
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