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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 7

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The Challenge: If you haven't been fast-forwarding your TiVo through commercial breaks during Project Runway, you've seen the ads in which past Runway contestants have created a look inspired by the show's major sponsor, Saturn. This week took the marketing push to a whole other level with a Saturn-themed challenge—major product in-your-facement! Each Saturn Hybrid was filled with raw materials the designers had to make into a look. They grabbed dashboards, carpets, mirrors, headlights, seat coverings, and lots and lots of seat belts! The winner gets immunity for this one, while Rachel Zoe guest judges and season three finalist Laura Bennett sits in on the panel for an absent Nina Garcia.

Highlights included Suede throwing in a couple "wackadoodles" and Blayne telling "Timlicious" (we think) "Love your face!" The ultimate was a quick conversation Stella had with her boyfriend, sweetly named Ratbones. The lovebirds are planning on creating a line together called Zotis and Bones, and we really, really can't wait to see it.

Keith continued his snippy comments, creating drama with, well, everyone—judges, models, designers. Not only did he get upset because his model sat down, but subsequently told her to "watch the breathing."

The Winner: Leanne dazzled the judges with her structured black, strapless, seat cover mini dress, creatively fringed at the top with frayed seat belts. From Zoe: "I am blown away. You could go straight to Paris with that." From Michael: "I think the silhouette is fabulous. I love the proportion of it and the way it's styled."

Korto's mod, woven seat belt coat dress could have just as easily have won. From Michael: "It is elegant...there's a restrained drama. Well done." From Zoe: "I would walk out the door in that. It's so chic and I can't believe it's made out of car parts." From Laura: "You did get great shape to it and it's got great volume."

Jerell's futuristic bustier and mini—made from seat covers, carpets, resin moldings, and metal dashboard trim—also scored high with the judges. From Heidi: "I think it's very exciting and interesting to look at. And it's actually wearable." From Michael: "You really gave her a look and the styling, while over the top, is appropriate." And from Zoe: "I think it's quite amazing actually. I love the tailoring and can't believe how intricate it is based on using these materials."

The Loser: Keith's incessant discussion of trying to please the judges ended poorly—specifically in an incredibly boring, ill-fitting skirt and blouse made from seat covers, liners, cushions and cargo netting, the last of which showed up in an unfortunate way at the back of the top. Laura summed it up: "The thing that I don't like about it is that there's no concept, no idea." Keith responded with excuses and sour grapes: "There's criticism and then there's insult."

Stella, actually trying to do something "pretty" this week, fell at the bottom three with a laced-up top and a fitted, banded seat belt skirt. From Michael: "In a weird way, the vest is more like your gig and the skirt looks like you're trying to be ladylike...This does look a little random."

Blayne's long seat belt dress with broken mirror detail at the bodice also did not score well. From Michael: "It's doing some odd stuff a the top, and I'm never a fan of a carwash skirt or dress." From Zoe: "I wish it had been either shorter with the fringe, or it fit her to the knee."
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