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Now Open: LeSportsac on Melrose

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The first freestanding LeSportsac store is LA, the new Melrose shop opened quietly a week and a half ago. Sales staff told Racked: "People are just starting to know we're here." White with sleek built-in wood shelving and '50s-era globe pendant lighting, this LeSportsac feels much more like a boutique than a mall staple. The merch is also different: whereas the Beverly Center store stocks classic styles heavily with a few limited edition lines, the Melrose shop carries the complete collections of Stella McCartney for LeSportsac, and the Guys and Artists in Residence lines, alongside the classics.

The couple we witnessed doing some midday shopping looked decidedly upscale, the woman's current bag a saturated blue Balenciaga. We weren't able to nab pics of Stella's fall '08 bags now in-store, but will post the lookbook soon.
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